Peking Garden

A Delicious History

Our story

Peking Garden was founded and is operated by the Kuo Family, who came to the United States from Taiwan 16 years ago. Chef Jerry Kuo still presides in the kitchen. Although some of the cooks who apprenticed under him have left to take over the kitchens of other local oriental restaurants. Peking Garden continues to employ Chinese cooks exclusively.

Our story

“In my restaurant,” says manager Rose Kuo, “we hire five Chinese cooks. That’s all.” Jerry Kuo started the Eastside restaurant in 1990. Peking Garden was the first of it’s kind to start in El Paso. It was founded after some scholarly research. Rose Kuo recalls, “My brother checked in the library and found mostly Mexican people live here. They like spicy food. So my brother opened Szechuan food restaurant.

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